World Champion Barmaids KC Legend Passes

February 29th, 2016 3:18 PM | No Comments

Barmaids KC Legend is saddened to learn of the passing of World Champion Barmaids KC Legend, “Andy.”  Owned by Erin Cecchini, the 1992 gelding amassed nearly 970 points, along with 8 Superiors, a Youth Supreme Championship, Youth Performance Championship, Youth Championship, a Congress Champion, and was the 2001 AQHYA World Champion in Trail.  

Cecchini released a statement on Facebook: 

After making the hardest decision of my life today I laid Andy, “Barmaids KC Legend”, Banana to Rest. He’s now in the pasture running with his favorite pony! He was a once in a life time horse that will never be replaced he made me the rider I am today I never would have thought a $12k horse that I was told was crazy and dangerous by many would make me a unanimous World Champion & Congress Champion in the same year! I can’t thank everyone over the years that cheered Banana on during his walk trot career! He was tough as nails and the biggest hearted horse!! Love u Drew see u on the other side.

Our thoughts are with Erin and all who loved this great horse during this difficult time.

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