Audrey Grace Auction is Underway! Read the rules here…

December 10th, 2012 12:01 PM | No Comments

The 11th annual AUDREY GRACE AUCTION has kicked off!! Click here to see the complete list of ALL Breedings/Items up for bid in the auction.

See below for the rules/guidelines -

TO BID: Log on to the FORUM and go to to either the AUDREY GRACE STALLIONS or AUDREY GRACE ITEMS folder you want and read the first post. It will tell you minimum bid AND bid increments. Follow these and place your bid to the poster RIGHT before you. If you are the first bidder post to the opening post. Place your bid (either by bid increments OR HIGHER) and post your FIRST and LAST initial or FULL last name. Keep up with the thread to see if you are still the high bidder. PLEASE everyone post your bid to the highest bidder so they will know they are out bid and NOT to Jane Backes, who posted the thread.

CLOSE OUT: The Auction closes at 4:59 pm EASTERN time December 16th. The Delphi clock will determine the highest bidder at 4:59. If a higher bid comes in at 5:00 pm it will be too late even if it is higher.

PAYMENT: You can pay for your Breeding/Item in two ways. New Horizons takes Checks (preferable method) made out to NEW HORIZONS and mailed to 6729 Aberdeen Ave Dallas, TX 75230 OR Paypal New Horizons. IF you choose Paypal you MUST mark it GIFT OR pay a .3% overage that the Charity gets charged.

DEADLINE: You have until December 31st to pay for your Breeding/Item or it will go to the next highest bidder. When you pay, PLEASE include with your payment your FULL name, address, and phone number so the information can be forwarded to the donor in order to send breeding contracts or the item itself. The thread (on the forum) of the Breeding/Item will be kept up so that all can see until the Breeding/Item is paid for.  At that time the thread will be deleted.  If a Breeding/Item STILL appears as of January 1st it will automatically go to the NEXT highest bidder.  Any UNBID items will go on sale for MINIMUM BID only December 17th.  Just post to the opening thread and post the minimum bid and the Breeding/Item is yours! We want EVEYTHING sold so please OPEN YOUR HEARTS and bid large and help the Children of New Horizons!!!!

QUESTIONS: Any questions PLEASE email Jane Backes or call 214.384-7727

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