AQHYA Members Pair Up With Weanlings

January 10th, 2016 9:12 PM | No Comments
[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]

[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]


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Twenty-five American Quarter Horse Youth Association members have been selected to participate in the 2015-16 American Quarter Horse Association Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program. This program engages the youth in raising yearlings, completing projects and furthering themselves as horsemen to earn scholarships and prizes. 

This fall, the young horsemen and -women received or purchased weanlings from AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders. The 2015-16 Young Horse Development Program participants include:

  • Jynsen Bibler of Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Cody Austin Tibbetts of Bow, New Hampshire
  • Devynn Osborne of Fort Backmore, Virginia
  • Lucy Cluff of Charleston, Rhode Island
  • Kaleigh Hanzlick of Channing, Texas
  • Baili Kerth of Sylvan Grove, Kansas
  • Hope Gabriella Kanning of Columbia City, Indiana
  • David Gringeri of Fair Haven, Vermont
  • Kaitlyn Boykin of Elizabeth, Colorado
  • Rebekah Anne Eilert of Powhattan, Kansas
  • Lisa Steward of Kimberly, Idaho
  • Bailey Alexander of Millville, California
  • Anthony Luna of Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Saryn Paulsen of Hutto, Texas
  • McKenzie Woodall of Kingsville, Texas
  • Keylee Frans of Thomas, Oklahoma
  • Isabella Peyton Moore of Bullard, Texas
  • Molly Witzeling of Waterford, Wisconsin
  • Nicole Goss of Aberdeen, Idaho
  • Laura Croghan of Hardyville, Kentucky
  • Shaylynn Taylor of Trenton, Florida
  • Marie Crochet of Houma, Louisiana
  • Mercedes Ogden of Prescott Valley, Arizona
  • Ariel Mae Olvey of Phoenix
  • Kyndra Bibler of Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Wade Smith of Oldfield, Missouri
  • Jordan Sandberg of Somerset, Wisconsin

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