AQHA Modernization Efforts

January 9th, 2017 9:05 PM | No Comments
[photo courtesy of AQHA]

[photo courtesy of AQHA]


To read the full letter from AQHA’s Executive Vice President, Craig Hines, on, click here.

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday season and, like myself, I hope you had the opportunity to spend time with loved ones and reflect on 2016.

Last year, your AQHA staff made a commitment to work diligently to put you, our leadership and our AQHA members, first. With a servant heart and an old-school work ethic, our staff committed to making AQHA the association you want it to be. Aside from the amazing work our staff does every day, additional ground work was done to put a team together to hit major modernization priorities of our organization. Here are just a few highlights that your AQHA Executive Committee and staff accomplished in 2016 to go along with the vast amount of program work already in the pipeline:


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