AQHA Handbook Revised for 2013

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The American Quarter Horse Journal, December 10, 2012 – As the American Quarter Horse Association has grown, so has the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules of Regulations. When members crack the spine on the 2013 AQHA Handbook, they will be looking at a newly reorganized rulebook with new rule numbers.

“The AQHA Handbook will be available soon for digital viewing,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr. “Be sure to familiarize yourself with the new organization and rule numbers.”  

The 2013 AQHA Handbook is divided into sections. For example, rules in the Shows section all start with SHW. Rules regarding AQHA shows and show approval are SHW100-134, while all racing rules begin with RAC and all registration-related rules begin with REG.

Among the rule changes you’ll find in the 2013 AQHA Handbook are:

  • Leveling: The AQHA leveling program will go into full effect January 1, 2013. Classes will be leveled based on exhibitor records (youth, amateur, cattle and halter classes) and horse records (open classes). Leveling rules may be found in the SHW200 sequence of rule numbers.
  • Amateur Eligibility: Amateur eligibility changes were made effective May 25, 2012, and will be included in the 2013 handbook in the SHW200 sequence of rule numbers. 
  • SHW416-419: Ranch pleasure will be offered in youth, amateur and open divisions at AQHA shows.
  • GEN117: A one-time change may be made to AQHA life memberships at no fee. 
  • SHW100-134: A new show approval fee structure will be applied and new mileage charts for show approval will be implemented.
  • REG112: Mare owners may retain rights to use oocytes, with the use of a $50 permit.
  • Bylaws: Changes were made relative to director allocations.

Members may request a 2013 AQHA Handbook, or when it becomes available, view the 2013 edition online at AQHA members who have participated in an AQHA show within the past two years will automatically receive the new handbook.

The AQHA Handbook app will also be available for free download for mobile devices that are iOS and Android-compatible.

For members interested in submitting their own rule change, rule-change proposals for the 2013 AQHA Convention are due December 31, 2012. To learn more about submitting a rule-change proposal, visit

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About the AQHA

Founded in 1940, the American Quarter Horse Association is the largest equine breed organization in the world.  With headquarters in Amarillo, Texas, AQHA has a membership of more than 280,000 people in 86 countries and has registered more than 5 million horses in 95 countries.

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