AQHA Adds Walk-Trot Classes in 2016

October 20th, 2015 11:10 PM | 6 Comments


logo-mixer-graphicEffective January 1, 2016, show managers will have the option to offer American Quarter Horse Association-approved walk-trot classes for Level 1 youth and Level 1 amateur exhibitors.

The 2016 AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations outlines the classes:

SHW755 WALK-TROT CLASSES. Level 1 walk-trot classes can be held in western pleasure, western horsemanship, trail, hunter under saddle and hunt seat equitation. Walk-trot classes are available, at the discretion of show management, at any approved show in Level 1 youth and Level 1 amateur classes. 

SHW755.1 The Level 1 walk-trot classes can only be held as an all-age class and cannot be split out into youth age groups or Select.  Only one horse-rider combination is allowed per class. If a horse-rider combination was entered into a Level 1 walk-trot class, that horse-rider combination cannot show in the corresponding loping/cantering class at that show. However, that combination can switch back and forth between the different shows.

SHW755.2 There is no year-end high-point for walk-trot, and there is not a world show class, but points will be tracked and Registers of Merit and Superior certificates will be presented based on adding all of the points earned in the Level 1 walk-trot classes together.  AQHA Incentive Fund money will not be awarded. Level 1 walk-trot points do not count for performance halter qualification. 

SHW755.3 The same rules apply in Level 1 walk-trot classes as apply in the corresponding class, except loping/cantering is prohibited in both pattern and rail work.

SHW755.4 Faults:

  • Exhibitors going off pattern, knocking over or on the wrong side of the cone, never performing specified gait, or overturning more than one-quarter turn than designated, shall not be disqualified, but must always place below exhibitors not incurring a disqualifying fault.
  • Scored according to severity include:
    • Head carried too low and/or clearly behind the vertical excessively and consistently while the horse is in motion, or otherwise showing the appearance of intimidation.

As of 2016, an exhibitor will not point-out of walk-trot nor will the walk-trot points count toward an exhibitors Level 1 eligibility.

The 2016 rulebook will be available soon at


6 Responses to “AQHA Adds Walk-Trot Classes in 2016”

  1. All I can say is finally. Not all competitors have had the opportunity to grow up riding. Now these individuals will b able to compete at a higher level while learning to ride & build their confidence & ability. 100% in favor of this addition. Thank you

  2. This is a great thing for our industry. Thousands of folks will now feel a part of our industry and will be able to share the joy the American Quarter Horse brings

  3. I am 63 years old with M.S. This is so exciting for me since it has been a while since I have been able to ride. I have begun riding, and now I know I have some classes I could compete in.

  4. So excited want to get my grandson showing and he may be more interested if ole Grammy out there in the walk trot class. I have bad knees and have difficulty loping. This will be great for both of us. Looking forward to 2016

  5. This is great news from AQHA & a long time coming. Finally, opportunities for those that can only excel in walk/trot. Thanks AQHA!!!

  6. So excited I am a 58 year old with a 17HH Appendix that I am showing WT in APHA also, he’s a double… I am so excited… now fingers crossed the Florida shows will offer these classes…

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