APHA Breeders Trust Re-enrollment Policy Simplified

May 3rd, 2016 8:56 PM | No Comments

[source: APHA.com]

APHA Breeders Trust re-enrollment policy simplified

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To facilitate ease of understanding and reduce costs of program implementation, the APHA Breeders’ Trust re-enrollment policy has been simplified, effective immediately. 

From now on, the Breeders’ Trust will pay the owners’ share of earnings to the horse’s recorded owner as of December 31, so long as the horse has been enrolled or re-enrolled in the program following any transfers since January 1, 2015. The modification eliminates the “one free transfer” policy and no longer accounts for show leases. 

If a horse is show leased and earns points in APHA’s Open and/or Amateur divisions, the Breeders’ Trust will pay out to the recorded owner of record on December 31. Payout will include eligible points earned by the lessee.

If the horse has been transferred to a new owner any time since January 1, 2015, the owner must have paid the re-enrollment fee in order to be eligible for the payout. The Breeders’ Trust re-enrollment fee must be submitted within 90 days of a transfer being completed to avoid late fees; it is, however, optional and may occur at any time, though a higher fee will be assessed and previously earned points might not apply to payout earnings.

If a horse is not re-enrolled following a transfer, however, the horse owner will not receive the owner’s portion of the Breeders’ Trust payout. The stallion subscriber and foal nominator will continue to receive their portions of the payout, regardless of the horse’s re-enrollment status.

Going forward, any time a horse’s ownership is transferred, the new owner must pay the re-enrollment fee to remain eligible for Breeders’ Trust owner payouts.

These new rules take effect immediately; they help simplify the rules for ease of understanding by APHA members and reduce costs of implementation and management of the Breeders’ Trust re-enrollment program, Director of Breeders’ Trust/Breeders’ Futurity Candy Jebavy says.  

Those who have show leased a horse in 2016 and already paid the Breeders’ Trust re-enrollment fee will receive a refund. Those who have transferred a horse prior to this date and received a free re-enrollment will be grandfathered into the program without a re-enrollment fee.

Questions about the Breeders’ Trust program and its re-enrollment policy can be emailed to cjebavy@apha.com.

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