Almost Time For the Audrey Grace Auction!

December 5th, 2015 8:30 AM | No Comments

AudreyGraceFront-4-slideshow1We are almost ready for the 14th Annual Audrey Grace Auction on  The Auction will run Monday December 7th until Sunday December 13th, 5 PM EASTERN TIME.  The Highest bid at 4:59 PM EASTERN TIME December 13th will be declared the Winner.  Any bids, even if for higher amounts, coming in at 5 PM will not count. 

You have to BID on the Delphi Forum called Pleasurehorse Journal -  It is a free forum just create an account if you do not already have one.  When you first get onto the Forum, click on MESSAGES on the top right.   We have 40 Audrey Grace Stallions listed in the Light Blue folders on the RIGHT side of the page.  Since they all will not list at once CLICK on that folder and all 40 will list.  Click on the Stallion you want, follow the bidding and bid Increments, post your bid and your name.  There are 30 Items in BOTH Audrey Grace Items and Audrey Grace Items 2.  To view all items click on the Light Blue Folders.  

Here is a video Kathy Green did for us last year that really helped with any problems  Remember not to wait until the last seconds to bid!  The computer and forum can lock up and you will miss out!  Happy bidding and remember it is for a GREAT cause so open your hearts and wallets

–Jane Backes

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