Alleged Animal Abuse at the Reichert Celebration

September 13th, 2012 8:43 AM | 2 Comments

nsbalogo2Statement from NSBA

The National Snaffle Bit Association has been made aware of a report of alleged animal abuse during a horse show held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth , TX on Sept 9th. The NSBA monitor, Gary Trubee, was on the show grounds and has filed the report with the association.  The American Quarter Horse Association steward, the Fort Worth Police Department and Animal Control were notified of the incident.  NSBA along with AQHA will be conducting a thorough investigation in this matter.  NSBA has a firm, no tolerance stand, on animal abuse and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the rules.  NSBA will move forward to investigate and prosecute anyone charged with violations of inhumane treatment of horses.

Statement from AQHA

aqha-logo4slideshowAQHA Publicity

AQHA was made aware of an alleged case of animal abuse that took place at the Reichert Celebration. The Association has obtained a copy of the police report and is working with stewards who were at the event to obtain their reports and photos of the horse in question.

Because the Reichert Celebration is a dual approved event, the National Snaffle Bit Association also has been in contact with AQHA to discuss the situation and address the matter as alliance partners.

As with any reported case of animal abuse, AQHA takes this matter seriously and will proceed accordingly and as swiftly as possible once the Association has received and reviewed all the necessary documentation. AQHA appreciates the immediate action show management and officials with the Reichert took to protect the horse.

2 Responses to “Alleged Animal Abuse at the Reichert Celebration”

  1. there should be zero tolerance to this type of behavior at all the AQHA and other Breed as well as open shows. A true horse woman or man will use skill and patience and hard work and time to train.. not force and cruel practices. There is absolutely no need for cruelity of this caliper.

  2. I bought a horse that came from this persons training and I am a very novice person in that I do not know trainers. This poor gelding had so much bagage so tramatized I made the trainer I purchased him from take him back. He was a beautiful boy but what happened to people today. Horses ate not throwaways. Look in their eyes and see all of the sorrow there. The spur, jerking lunging in the ground it makes me ashamed to even say sometimes that we show our horses. I love my horse and people are missing out on so much by not getting into their minds. I have seen the difference and I never want to look back again and I feel sorry for those of you that just will never get it. But more sorry for all of the horses you have spent your life with.

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