90 RIDERS in 90 DAYS Fundraising Campaign for Veterans and Equestrians with Disabilities to Kick Off MARCH 1

February 28th, 2016 10:55 PM | No Comments

[source: NSBA.com]

90 RIDERS in 90 DAYS fundraising campaign for Veterans and Equestrians with Disabilities to kick off MARCH 1In an effort to recognize and promote the great work that is being done out in the field with Veterans and Equestrians with Disabilities, the NSBA Foundation is seeking financial support for to provide 90 riders with grants to offset their expenses at the 2016 NSBA World Championship Show held in Tulsa, Oklahoma August 13-20, 2016.

Past competitors, trainers, facilities, volunteers, or relatives of riders that have participated and or competed in these activities will be sharing their personal stories throughout the 90 day effort. Additionally, “sponsored riders will be linked up with their donors” and be provided with a documentary effort of their travels and preparation for the world championship show. Upon arrival at the show, Riders will have an opportunity to meet their benefactor in person at a reception hosted by the Foundation.

10 RIDERS ALREADY FUNDED: Industry notables Gil and Becky Galyean, Non-Pro exhibitor Erin Girolamo, Dr. John & Jeanne McCarroll, Danny Terry, Kellie Hinely of Trendsetter Performance Horses, Diane Lahr and Jay McClennan of JS Quarter Horses have all taken the lead in this effort by already Sponsoring A Rider for 2016. Click here to find out how to sponsor a rider. 

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