2017 APHA Advisory Committees Named

March 23rd, 2017 10:29 PM | No Comments

[source: APHA.com]

[photo credit: APHA]

[photo credit: APHA]

Acting President Craig Wood recently announced the APHA Advisory Committee appointments for 2017. These 12 advisory committees are composed of APHA members, national directors and others with a vested interest in preserving the versatile American Paint Horse; in concert with the Executive Committee, these committees help guide the association, policies and initiatives to help inspire, nurture and promote the organization and breed to members worldwide.

The advisory committees and chairs follow; a full standing committee appointments are available at apha.com/association/directors.

  • Amateur: Elizabeth Roberts-Brewer, chair; Brandon Severin, vice chair
  • Breed Integrity: Jennifer Sheriff, chair; Renee Robinson, vice chair
  • General Show & Contest: Melanie Cox-Dayhuff, chair; Lyn Fick, vice chair
  • International: Pat Trebesch, co-chair; Monika Hagen, co-chair
  • Judges: Sandy Jirkovsky, chair; Ann Jones, vice chair
  • Long Range Planning: Fred Tabor, chair; Kevin Smith, vice chair
  • Professional Horsemen: Lisa Ligon, chair; Carly Veldman Parks, vice chair
  • Racing: Jamie Howard, chair; Steve Wright, vice chair
  • Recreational Riding: Anita Hertner, chair; David Ruby, vice chair
  • Regional Club: Randall Roser Jr., chair; Sheri Grinstead, vice chair
  • Rules: Delena Doyle, chair; Mary Parrott, vice chair
  • Youth: Sue Woodson, chair; Sandi Morgan, vice chair

Furthermore, the Executive Committee appointed several special committees to serve in 2017:

  • Finance: Ron Shelly, chair
  • EC Nominating: Diane Paris, chair; Mike Holloway, vice chair
  • World Show Advisory: Kelley Stone, chair; Mike Hachtel, vice-chair

Two temporary committees were appointed by the Executive Committee; they will develop recommendations that will go to the Executive Committee and the General Show & Contest Committee for consideration by late spring/early summer:

  • Blue Ribbon Committee on Show Growth: Carolyn Dobbins, chair
  • Blue Ribbon Committee on Cattle & Related Classes: Chris Jeter, chair 

All APHA members are invited to get involved as national directors, committee members or by attending the annual APHA Convention. To learn more, visit apha.com/association/directors.


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