2016 AQHA Standing Committee Reports Available

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AQHA Standing Committee Reports Available

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The American Quarter Horse Association Executive Committee met April 26-28 in Amarillo to review the standing-committee recommendations approved at the 2016 AQHA Convention by the AQHA Board of Directors, with the exception of those related to bylaw changes and rules of registration, for which final approval lies with the board of directors. Even though some agenda items were not approved, careful consideration, discussion and debate were devoted to each item. Below are the highlights of approved agenda items from the 2016 standing-committee reports. Read the full committee reports at www.aqha.com/convention.

AQHA Equine Research Committee
The Executive Committee approved the American Quarter Horse Foundation funding of $304,933 in research projects. The Equine Research Committee also discussed its support of adding educational activities to the annual AQHA convention. The committee members believe the addition of these opportunities will get AQHA members more engaged in the organization and provide a sense of ownership for the programs and services provided by the American Quarter Horse Foundation.

2016-17 AQHA Equine Research Committee Chairman: Dr. Bob Coleman

AQHA International Committee
The Executive Committee approved a task force to review the AQHA leveling program internationally. The International Committee discussed a variety of international initiatives, including improving affiliate and international member communication, and improving affiliate and international member access to pending work, including billing and registrations.

2016-17 AQHA International Committee Chairwoman: Lori Bucholz

AQHA Judges Committee
The Executive Committee approved two new rules:

  • With the exception of timed events, a judge may not judge for a show management team/entity that consists in whole or in part of: (a) common individual(s) listed as show management; (b) common individual(s) involved in the actual management of a show (whether or not listed); (c) common individual(s) who are compensated by or have an ownership interest in a show management team/entity; or (d) immediate family members (spouse, parent, child or grandparent) that the judge has already judged three shows, or set of shows for in a calendar year.    
  • Judges may confer in a timely manner regarding lameness, rule violations, disqualifications and major penalties, provided a ring steward is present.

2016-17 AQHA Judges Committee Chairman: Al Dunning

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