2011 Reichert Celebration Judges Announced

August 17th, 2011 10:15 AM | 1 Comment

The judges for the 2011 Reichert Celebration to be held in Ft. Worth, Texas, September 2-11 have been announced…

Bruce Army ApHC/NSBA/RPC/Stakes
Rick Bailey APHA
Don Bell AQHA/RPC/Stakes classes
John Boxell AQHA/NSBA/RPC/Stakes
Charlene Carter AQHA/NSBA/APHA/PHBA/RPC/Stakes
Kelly Chapman APHA
April Devitt AQHA/RPC/Stakes
Karen Graham AQHA/NSBA/RPC/Stakes
Larry Hansch AQHA/NSBA/APHA/RPC/Stakes
Mike Hawkins AQHA/NSBA/RPC/Stakes
Gary Hersom APHA/ApHC/PHBA/ Team Tournament
Louis Hufnagel PHBA
Larry Little AQHA/NSBA/RPC/Stakes
Lisa Moden APHA
Jeff Ray ApHC/Team Tournament
Angie Reichert POA
Betsy Tuckey AQHA/NSBA/RPC/Stakes/Team Tournament
John Tuckey AQHA/NSBA/RPC/Stakes













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  1. Great line-up of Judges for the Reichert Celebration. Many smiles. Good luck everyone!

    Robin Ray

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