10 Ways to Reduce Horse Show Costs

January 27th, 2017 11:00 PM | No Comments

[source: AQHA.com]


[photo courtesy of Becky Newell via AQHA.com]

[photo courtesy of Becky Newell via AQHA.com]

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A penny saved is a penny earned … or one that could be used for horse show entries.

With the 2017 show season just beginning, I thought readers could use some common-sense tips – or should we say cents – when it comes to saving money at horse shows. I talked to leading exhibitors about how they keep costs down. Here’s what they had to say:

Sharing is Caring: I heard from a lot of exhibitors that their No. 1 way to cut costs is to share a ride or a tack stall or hotel room.

“Download apps, such as Gas Buddy, to locate the cheapest gas stations on your travel route,” says amateur exhibitor Deb Shatley of Lincoln, California.

She’s not the only one who shares the love. World champion exhibitor Kirsten Farris of Phoenix offers this tip: “Rent a house (www.VRBO.com) and share with others – it’s much cheaper than a hotel.”

Retail Shmeetail: The price of horse shampoo, detangle, braiding supplies, sprays – it all adds up. But take heart. A lot of non-horsey products can be used at the shows

Jeff Peery, owner of Frontier Feed and Saddlery in Anderson, California, says, “Buy women’s shampoo for silver hair.

It’s the same stuff as the expensive whitening shampoo, he says, at half the cost.

He’s not the only one who suggests shopping at regular retail stores.

“The dollar store is your best friend for low-cost supplies like scissors, tape, extension cords, snacks, hair brushes for tails,” Deb adds.

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