10 Must-Follow Pinboards for Equestrians

September 30th, 2014 10:51 AM | No Comments

Pinterest Screen Shot“What’s all this Pinterest hub-bub?” you ask. Well, folks use Pinterest to collect ideas for projects and interests. And that, to me, makes Pinterest the perfect tool for horsewomen (and -men), given that the horsey-interested are the sort of breed always looking to take on another project. 

  1. Recipes. Nothing tops off autumn evenings spent at the barn like hearty meals of jalapeno popper chicken or southwestern eggrolls. Cowboy up for these culinary delights pinned by Wrangler. 
  2. Horse Training for Success. Whether you want tips for horse training on the ground or need help mastering tricky maneuvers from horseback, we have the horse-training help you’re looking for.
  3. Barn Organization. This pinboard from our friends at Quarter Horse News is a clever mix of thought-provoking tidiness and inspired barn décor. 
  4. Recycling – The Equestrian Way. What are you doing with those old rosettes and ribbons? How about rusty horseshoes or used feedbags? Ta-da! TheHorse.com’s pinboard is going to change your life, friend.

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