Dogwood Farm Arabians

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We know exceptional breeding produces exceptional foals and Ameerat Al Hilal (Princess of the Crescent Moon) (AHR *652962), names by Bachir Bserani (AL MOUSSAMI) the Arabian horse namer, is truly exceptional. Ameerat was foaled on 3/24/2011 to the Dam Lady Faire (AHA reg B 526483) Daughter to Magic Dream and Sire Selket Marque (AHA reg B 620917) Son of Marwan Al Shaqab. In review of the pedigree you will recognize legendary names such as Ali Jamal, Gold Kuggerand, Khari, Marwan Al Shaqab, Morific, Bask and others lending their star studded heritage to Ameerat Al Hilal (Princess as we know her). Researching the pedigree you will recognize many more familiar names. A special note: Selket Marque placed second for six year old stallions at the Arabian World Breeders Cup in the 2011 Las Vegas event . To see the legendary careers of Marwan Al Shaqab and Magic dream please view Marwan Al Shaqab’s web site and an article on “Magic Dream CAHR Arabian Stallion, also found on the web”

Ameerat Al Hilal has been viewed by senior judges who have placed her confirmation as near perfect. Please note that Lady Faire is from the second year of Magic Dreams’ foals on the Knowles farm in Washington, and Princess follows her heritage with stunning features of that lineage. Please note that five of Magic Dreams Daughters progeny have been top regional, national and international winners in 2006 and 2007 and were sired by Marwan Al Shaqab sire of Selket Marque. It should be evident that this breeding was done with careful research looking for the greatest quality attainable. While I will tell you there is GREAT potential in Princess this will only be realized by work from a discerning owner who wishes to take her to her obvious potential. Princess is registered for the Spotlight Stallions showing at the 2012 Region 12 show.

Some facts about Princess: While she is beautiful she is very intelligent and catches on very quickly to lessons she has the elegance of large eyes and a sturdy neck, powerful and gorgeous movements with tail held high, she is very friendly since we strived to imprint her at birth and have worked with her daily since. Princesses’ name comes from a double whorl on her forehead half of which is a prominent white crescent moon. She has one sock on her right hind leg. Princess is playful and is full of energy as videos will show you. Princess has great “heart” and is “very athletic”. She halter ground leads well and we are working on her trailering skills as we pen this. She listens to commands by hand and voice and will come to you when called, she is extremely people oriented. She is curious about everything. Currently she is 11 hands and weighs approximately 500 pounds. She is stabled nightly and is kept out of severe weather events. A comment from David Cains of Scottsdale (Selket Marque’s owner) “The main thing Jim that I want to stress is when I say “it looks like she is heading in the right direction” it basically means I like what I see in the photos you send me, long legs, pretty head that is short from the eye to muzzle. A head that appears to be a triangle and a nice well set neck.” (We agree).

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