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For those of you looking for the Pleasure Horse Journal Online forum you’ve been part of for many years, don’t worry…it’s still here and still an important part of our family of social media outlets.  Just click here or click the image below to go there now:


New! Forums New Forums

For those interested in a new experience, we’re excited to offer our Forums, brought to you by the and Show Horse Today team. Forums is a new platform that allows us to provide the following benefits to you, many of which are not available on our current forum:

  1. It’s FREE – all features included
  2. Post full size photos in posts, embed full size video in posts, upload and use a photo or avatar for your account, and utilize a fully functional private messaging capability
  3. Ability to form Groups, private or open, as well as the ability to create private forums that are not accessible to the public…they aren’t even listed anywhere on the site unless you choose to list them.
  4. Unlimited forum categories and forum folders – there are no restrictions, so if you would like to see a new forum or new category, just contact us and we’ll set it up.
  5. For Sale folders – Would you like to use our forums to sell your horse, tack or gear?  Go for it – no classified ad needed.
  6. Want to set up a blog where you can share your expertise or have an ongoing Q&A?  Have at it…  just add a new blog and start writing.
  7. Is there an App?  Yes! You are able to access the Forums app via the Apple or Android.  This is available for those who like working with apps on their phones and tablets.  If that’s not you, that’s fine.  You can access the site like you do with any other website.
  8. Does it work with Facebook?  Yes, you can “Like” and share posts from Forums to Facebook.
  9. Since we own the site and manage the sign up and login information, we are able to truly control the use of aliases for bullying, trolling, spamming and other undesirable behavior.   Since we track email addresses AND IP addresses, we have the data to ensure only one account per member is allowed.  This is NOT possible with Delphi Forums or any other public forum platform.  In managing our forum for 15+ years, we know better than anyone the limitations in being able to minimize the bullying and alias behavior when, as the host and manager, we have no access to the account information on Delphi. 

You’ll notice that there are many other forum categories available, as well.  As we continue to grow, we wanted to provide a place for other breeds and disciplines like reining, cutting, and halter to have their own set of forums as part of our online community. 

To learn more about Forums, a good place to start is the FAQ.  If you are an existing member of our Pleasure Horse Journal Online Forum, and you would like to try the new forum, you’ll have to register the first time you use Forums.  You can use the same account username and password you’ve always used, but you will have to click “Register” and add it in the first time, along with your profile information (you choose what is private and what other’s will be able to see, including your age…we ask for that in the beginning to be sure we don’t have young kids trying to register).

If you would prefer to continue using our Pleasure Horse Journal Online Forum rather than trying our new option, please do.  It’s completely your choice and we’ll continue to manage that forum as we always have.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about this, please give us a call at 888.641.3998 or email us at

Thank you.