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Thread: Trying to figure what happened...HELP!!!!!

  1. Trying to figure what happened...HELP!!!!!

    Hey all, let me give you some information and I hope somebody can help me figure this out!!!! I have had my 13 year old gelding at a training barn for over a month now. He has been like a puppy dog while he's been there. I have visited him nearly every day and I've brought candy each time. Nothing new by the way, I always fed him treats at home ( I raised him since he was 6 mos. old). Anyway, tonight, I went into his stall and proceeded to give him his candy. He ate it, nothing unusual....however, when I went to the back of his stall to rinse my hand off, I turned around to him charging me with his right front hoof out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed and must have ran to the front of his stall, I don't remember. I was too upset to think straight. The trainer came out since she saw my car, and was just coming over to say hello. I told her what happened and she went into his stall. He pinned his ears. I asked what had changed and she said he got a new neighbor today. He has never charged me anytime, so I'm wondering if it had anything to do with the other horse being close to the back of his stall, on the other side of the wall...??? Anyone else have this problem? I'm scared to go into his stall tomorrow. I hate unlike him!

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    Is his new neighbor a mare or a gelding? I had a young horse that was very territorial of his stall, but it didn't have anything to do with his neighbors. He spent a lot of time waiting to be fed last, tied in his stall, and learning that people were supposed to be in his stall, and his behavior was very inappropriate. You may want to think about giving him treats in his feed bin as well for a while

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    I also have a POA mare that is aggressive at feeding time in her stall. She has never went after anyone walking into the stall, but will lay her ears flat if you are up to the front of the door and just looking in at her. I feel this has come from being lower on the ladder when she is outside with her herd mates. As a weanling, she did have to compete for the hay in the winter. (only in the turn out). She is head mare at our place now. Only submitting to our big gelding. Just be careful and I agree that the feeding of treats at this time might not be a good idea.

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