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    We have a navicular horse here at home named Cowboy who's been this way for a couple of years and he's only 7. My question is if any of you have ever heard of Chinese herbs being used in conjuction with other treatments to help with this issue? If so what are your experiences/thoughts?


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    When I was working in California we had a horse there, Corrie, who was about 19 years old and had been nerved twice and still had soreness from navicular. We did all kinds of things with his feet to help ease the pressure and eventually he was on daily does of previcox (a painkiller similar to bute, but less harmful for long term use). But we came to find out previcox also has some harmful side effects of really long term use as well so in an effort to try something else my boss found an all natural, herbal supplement called "Mov-Ease". It's a yellow powder given once daily, mostly marketed for joint issues. Corrie is now off the previcox (and not on any other pain medication) and shows less signs of soreness. I put my horse on it because he was stiff in his hocks and he has shown improvement as well.

    Mov-Ease about $50/bag but it lasts a few months for one horse so I think it's worth it, especially because it's herbal and has no known long term side effects. Corrie being an older horse is also on Jiao-gu-lan (a Chinese herb) which promotes circulation, if I remember correctly, and Lysine, an amino acid. I know both of those things are to help with the navicular, but I can't remember exactly how it all ties in. I would ask a vet or the makers of Mov-Ease, I know they helped steer my boss in the right direction with everything and seem to be honest, good intentioned people. The website we got these products from is: -- Even if my answer wasn't what you're looking for I wish you good luck, I hope you find something that works for your horse!

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    Wow, thanks Krissy I really didn't expect a reply so soon. Yeah this helps a lot thank you.

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