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  1. Final Days in Europe

    Well, I am now back at home. The last week of our trip in Europe flew by!! I still can't believe it is over already. After our clinic in Holland, we took the train to Denmark and headed to Blue Hills. It is a new facility, only a year old. The owner is an equine vet who wanted to 'retire' so he built this beautiful place and still has a small practice. It is a paint farm and he introduced us to his stud, Mr. Snowflake Catcher. We had 25 participants in the clinic and had a great 3 days. We started ...
  2. Adventures in Holland

    First off, I apologize for not updating sooner. This is the first chance I've had access to the Internet since my last update.
    Amsterdam was absolutely beautiful!! We rented bikes and rode all over the city. It was a lot of fun. It was really nice to have a two day break before we headed to our next camp.
    We arrived at our next camp Tuesday evening and we got settled in. We got a tour of the barn and the arena we would be using. We met a couple of the participants, but most of them ...
  3. Finals days of the Czech Republic Clinic

    The last two days of our clinic flew by! We talked about cows; how to track a cow, how to turn the cow and how to cut it out of a herd. We practiced with Makena and I as the 'cows' and talked them through the steps and how to stop and turn the cow. We also showed them how to drag a rope from their horse and then progress to dragging a log. When they understood that, we showed them how to turn and face the log and keep tension in the rope as if they had a cow at the end. On the last day, we split ...
  4. Thursday, Day 2 Ranch Bystra

    Today was very laid back. We started around 10:30 with a pair of riders. We worked on guiding and sitting balanced in the saddle. Around noon we had lunch and then headed back to work. In the afternoon we had four riders and each one wanted to work on something different. At 5 PM we were given a demonstration on the California Vaquero style of riding and training. This ranch uses those techniques on their horses and it was very interesting and informative to see a style of riding we are not as familiar ...
  5. Ranch Bystra, Czech Republic

    Our clinic in Austria ended well. The last two days we had rain, but we stayed in the covered arena and had a lot of fun. We did a lot of trail the last morning and in the afternoon we worked on lead changes. When it was time to leave, everyone said they had a great time. I was definitely sad to go. Having said that, I am really excited for our next clinic. Today we travelled from Prague to Semily by train. We arrived at Ranch Bystra and checked out our little cabin. It sounds like this camp will ...
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