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Stylish Showman – Chap Inserts

Imagine the possibilities…

  • Feel more comfortable in your chaps
  • Revive an old outfit
  • Borrow an outfit from a friend
  • Purchase an outfit at a tack swap
  • Kids can now share chaps…

Chap fit solutions are perfect for adding a little extra comfort and stretch to your chaps without permanently altering them…There is no cutting or stitching of your chaps, and you do not have to mail them to someone for alteration.

Chap fit solutions from Stylishshowman easily zip into your chaps. Constructed of medium weight neoprene these inserts also provide stretch to allow your chaps to look custom fit. Each consists of opposing zippers on each side and zip into your chaps to instantly increase the size of your chaps for a perfect fit. Black is generally in-stock for immediate shipping, other colors available upon request.