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Deck Of Stars and Judy Pryor

In the mid-1980s, on a whim, at a horse sale, Judy Pryor bought a little mare for $3,600 named Just Esprit by Deck Of Stars.  Little did Judy know what a treasure this mare would be.  In 1988 the mare carried Judy into the pleasure horse arena and on to the winners circle with top 15 placings at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress and the AQHA World Show.  They also finished seventh in the nation in western pleasure that year. 

Judy’s love for Just Esprit compelled her to buy more and more foals by Deck Of Stars, and for the next three years buying and selling his offspring brought in enough income to keep Pryor’s Ranch in business.

Then in early 1992, Deck Of Stars came up for sale, and Judy knew she had to have the stallion.  Judy credited Deck for Pryor’s flourishing business and felt she had an obligation to give the stallion a good home.  On January 19, 1992 Judy purchased Deck and began her breeding business.  In their first year of breeding, they bred 49 mares.  Over the years Deck Of Stars proved to be the sire that Judy always felt he would be, siring Halter horses that could ride.

Judy says that Deck Of Stars is responsible for where she is today.  To date stock from the Pryor Ranch has earned  37 multi-breed World and Reserve World Champions, a Supreme Champion, AQHA Champions, an AQHA Reserve High Point, Superior Halter horses, Superior Performance Horses in multiple events, western pleasure money earners and NSBA money earners.  Deck Of Stars sired 715 foals that earned 15,102.5 points and earned $141,734.50 in incentive fund earnings and $10,964.48 in World Champion Show earnings.

Deck Of Stars




Deck Of Stars, Duplicated Deck, BMQ Legacy and The Epitome never showed in the riding events themselves, but sure did produce the winners.  Deck Of Stars, Duplicated Deck and The Epitome all produced Halter winners.  The Epitome also a World Champion sire in three Pleasure events.  BMQ Legacy a Congress Champion sire.

Judy says she is maybe the most proud of the fact that Deck Of Stars has become such a great broodmare sire and many of his daughters are still producing winners for Judy today.


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