ITEM: Hay Chix Original Mini Net (Half Bale 1 ¾”) and Coupon – B

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.07.53 PMItem: Hay Chix Original Mini Net (Half Bale 1 ¾”) and Coupon – B

Donor:  Lyn Polster and Polster Performance Horses

Value:  $35.00


This net will hold up to half of a small square bale, and has 1 ¾” openings; you can choose to hang with the included clip, or leave on the ground for “grazing”. Winner will also receive a $5 coupon for a future Hay Chix net purchase through PPH. Winner will be responsible for reasonable shipping. On a personal note, from weanlings to geriatrics, I will never feed another horse without a Hay Chix net!

“At Hay Chix®, we’ve come up with an innovative Simple Feeding Solution: The Cinch Net®. Our slow feeder hay nets and hay bale bags control the amount of hay your horse is able to consume at any one time. Your horse grazes in a more natural way, just like God intended.

Eliminate the waste. Save your valuable time. Improve your horse’s health. It’s easy to see what’s in it for you when you use the Cinch Net.”>

Minimum Bid: $20.00

Increments: $5.00

Shipping: None

Contact: 715-498-5511

Web Site: