ITEM: Equilume Light Mask (D)

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 8.56.17 PMItem: Equilume Light Mask (D)

Donor: Linda Lyda Swenson 

Value: $400.00

Minimum Bid: $150.00

Increments: $20.00


Equilume Performance Lighting is a unique system that comprises fully automated, smart Stable Lights and mobile Light Masks designed to maximize health, performance and breeding efficiency.

Developed by our R&D department, led by Dr Barbara Murphy, Head of Equine Science at University College Dublin, this revolutionary system harnesses all the benefits of natural daylight for the stabled horse and permits continued exposure to optimum lighting when travelling or at pasture.

Horses need light for far more than just vision.

The constantly repeating cycles of dawn and dusk synchronise an internal clock system that coordinates all bodily functions to a 24-h (daily) and 365-day (annual) rhythm.

Blue light is the most biologically effective light responsible for regulating an animal’s internal rhythms.

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