bottle1-u4117Item: Case Equine Omega Complete

Donor:  Pete Fulgham

Value: $250.00

Minimum Bid: $100.00

Increments:  $20.00

Description: O3 Animal Health, LLC created Equine Omega Complete by first considering the diet and daily living environment of today’s horse.
The lack of fresh green grass in your horse’s diet assures its getting too little Omega 3 and too much Omega 6. The essential fatty acids (O3s and O6s) cannot be made by your horse’s body and must be fed or supplemented. 
Each product is a scientifically formulated, tested and patented Omega supplement that works to achieve optimum balance of
Omega 3/6/9. Omega 3s, 6s, and 9 work together, each in entirely different ways, to insure the health of your horse,
from every cell inside the body to every hair on the outside.

Our product has the tightest ratio of Omega 3′s to Omega 6′s on the market today.

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