ITEM: 25lb box of Grand Meadows – Grand Premium Plus Supplements

grand premiumItem: 25lb box of Grand Meadows – Grand Premium Plus Supplements.  

Donor:  Traci Nelson Equine
Value: $206
Description:  Grand Premium Plus (GPP) is a comprehensive Supplement: 6 in 1, Joint, Hoof, Digest/Immune, Tendon/Ligament, Skin/Coat, Vitamin/Mineral. GPP simplifies feeding programs by giving you the piece of mind that you are getting all necessary nutrition to every horse in one product. No guess work on which supplement to feed what horse, GPP covers everything in a palatable and the most cost effective. 
GPP is sold direct to the consumer cutting out distributors and retailers. By doing this we are able to bring this high quality product to consumers at a tremendous price. 
Minimum Bid: $80.00
Increments:  $10.00
Contact: Traci Nelson 940-391-2327