ITEM: 11×14 print of Colt & Kayla

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.55.45 PMItem: 11×14 print of Colt & Kayla

Donor: Gail Bates
Value: $125.00
Description: 11×14 print on mountboard ready to frame
Watercolor effect of a young cowboy and his dog heading into Heaven   Here is the story behind the Print written by Gail, “One of my customers lost a boy to SIDS 4 years ago… When my dog Kayla died she sent me an email telling me that Colt was turning 4 in Heaven and wanted a dog of his own. So God looked down and found the best dog he could find and brought Kayla home for Colt…. I told her that was perfect because she loved kids and would LOVE to have a boy of her own forever…. The week before she died I had a photo session of us… I wanted a picture of Kayla walking away down this lane but I didn’t know why.. I just HAD to have it… When I got the email, I instantly knew why…. so I created this image and we both have it hanging in our homes….I put mine on display at the Aussie Nationals and it sold within hours.. so I thought it might be perfect for Audrey Grace’s auction…. It was done with love and tears…. <3″
Minimum Bid: $50.00
Increments: $10.00
Shipping: Donated
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